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Magnetic car signs
Perfect for use on a private car or when you just want your car back at weekends.

Professional Finish
Simple to Fit and Remove
Moveable from van to van
Sticks to any flat panel (exl. aluminium)
Stacks Image 60
Telephone or contact via email 07580 752265

One major benefit of the magnetic signs over the directly-applied vinyl is the ease in which they can be put on – you can literally throw them onto the vehicle (they will probably be a bit wonky if you do though, we do recommend taking a little more care to line them up). While the directly applied vinyl does allow for a bigger amount of coverage, they do take time to fit correctly, and once fitted they are permanent.
Magnetic signs are ideal for those who want a simple to fit, professional looking sign that has the added benefit of being removable for the times when the vehicle is not being used for business purposes.